The six questions of Metricka assesment

These are the six questions used in all the individual versions of Metricka.

Our desire was that the assessment component of Metricka wouldn’t be long or difficult. At the same time, since the idea is to track spiritual transformation, we wanted the questions to be penetrating and, to some degree, ambiguous; we wanted the questions to trigger a real introspection and, maybe, even some conversation if Metricka was being used in the context of a group, or discipleship community. This is the reason the answers to the questions are not in absolute, right and wrong terms but in a scale, or a spectrum.

We also wanted to be able to connect the questions, their answers, and our mission statement – which, by the way, actually describes our discipleship process.


Then, these are the questions that make up the Metricka assessment:

  • How formal are you in the study of Scripture? Informal means there is no plans or goals. Formal means some plan / goals have been established, and there is a desire to keep them.
  • How intentional are you in the practice of a spiritual discipline? It could be any spiritual discipline, (prayer, worship, fasting). Casual means it’s being practiced based on opportunities, feelings, and need. Intentional means that resources, like time, are allocated to facilitate its practice.
  • How well do you know your passion? Passion could also be translated spiritual giftedness, or area of interest. Using / pursuing her passion is how a disciple of Jesus Christ can be a blessing for others.
  • How easy is it for you to step out of your own culture? This questions deals with humility, and how easy, or not, it is for the disciple to leave behind cultural loves and preferences, for God’s glory and the benefit of others.
  • How ready are you to have Gospel conversations? Here, we are looking for a mix of knowledge, availability, and expectation.
  • How often do you hear of your impact on others? The intent of this question is to probe the communication channels between the disciple, and those whom he is serving with his passion, spiritual gift, or area of interest, and how receptive he is to hear from them.


Let us remember His grace.



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