The engine of discipleship

The starting point and driving force of discipleship must be His grace in us. Constantly remembering it is essential for both, the disciple and the disciple-maker.


The unnatural-ness of remembering His grace.

Yes, they say that what is really important is self-esteem: it must be cultivated, protected, developed. We parents are warned against using too harsh of words when talking to our kids – and forget about applying discipline in any way that may upset the children! And yet, grace reminds us of how much, how desperately we need His help. When we remember His grace, we remember our condition without Him. And it is not a nice picture.

We, naturally, would like to avoid this reminder.


But it is good for us, really.

When we remember His grace, we are also reminded of how much He has loved us. And continues to do so. We are reminded that we can stand before Him, His wrath totally satisfied by Christ Jesus, and I completely covered with His righteousness. A righteousness that is alien to me, and secured not by my performance but by His Beauty.

This is good for us. And we need to remember it, constantly.


Propelled forward, in our discipleship journey.

Armed with this knowledge, of how much we need Him and how much He has loved us, we can now participate in the call to make disciples. As those being cultivated to follow Jesus Christ, remembering His grace constantly allows us to be teachable, and give us the ability to grow in humility. As disciple-makers, constantly remembering His grace provides what we need to overcome cultural barriers, fight discouragement and celebrate His faithfulness, even if our ministries are not up to par by human standards.


Let us remember His grace.



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