Your next steps

Metricka is just a simple tool for personal spiritual assessment. With the new insight it provides into your own spiritual transformation, these are a few of the next steps you could take to keep going in the right direction.


Track your transformation. Acknowledge the symmetry (balance) and size (depth) of the graph result, and compare it with previous graphs. Celebrate His work in you. Repent and confess if necessary.

Select one area to work on for the next few months. Don’t go for the smallest area, necessarily, but pick the one that can make your graph more symmetric, i.e. more balanced. Put your plans and goals on writing.

Build some accountability. Find some one you really trust, maybe some one you are also helping in his own spiritual formation, and share your graph and plans.

Repeat. Once you are done with your plans and goals for that area, come back and repeat the process.


Let us remember His grace



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