How to read your metricka graph

OK, you have taken this assessment, and now it’s time to interpret the results.


The most important thing to consider, after getting your graph, is that the result is not a grade of your spiritual transformation; you should not take a pass-or-fail attitude.

Your Metricka graph is a snapshot more than a rigid evaluation. Your graph represents how balanced and deep your current stage is. There will be areas that require some work. There will be reasons to celebrate. And, maybe, there will be a need to confess and repent, also.


Symmetry & Size.

The first step is to look at the shape of your graph. The more symmetry – the more it resembles a circle – the better. Symmetry means balance. Then, you need to look at the size of your graph. Note: a graph, or part of it, that is all the way to 5 does not mean perfection, OK? It only means that, at this point in time, you feel God the Holy Spirit is doing a very good job working in and with you in that particular area, with still some more room for improvements.


Grouping areas by twos.

The areas can be grouped by twos: Formality & Intentionality point to your desire to know Him better (His person and His works). Passion & Humility (easiness to step out of your own culture) indicate your desire to serve others, for His glory and their benefit. Readiness (for Gospel conversations) & Impact (how often you hear of your impact on others) show your inclination to share with others what God has done for you.


Linking areas across.

There is a relationship between the areas of you graph that stand across of each others. Your Formality should impact your Humility. How Intentional you are in practicing a spiritual discipline fuels your Readiness for Gospel conversations. And knowing your Passion influences the Impact you are having on others.


Two final suggestions: look for discrepancies, and ask questions (why? how?). After processing your Metricka graph, keep it for future comparison and, if you have someone you trust, share it for accountability purposes.



Let us remember His grace.


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